Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Carnival Inspiration for an 11th hour Celebration

I am the leader for Joey's Girl Scout Daisy troop, and my co-leader and I have decided to throw the girls and their families a carnival-themed end-of-year party/cook-out.  When is it, you ask?  In a couple of weeks.  Yeah, I know ... my motto is, "no time like the 11th hour" ... you'll get used to it as you get to know me.  ;)

Anyway, I put together a little inspiration board to help get the motors running in my head ... think champagne taste on a beer budget ... I CAN do this.  Can't I?  

Joey's school put together a really fun carnival night for the kids and I asked if we could borrow the games that they used.  We'll have a face painter and I'm working on a magician.  Did I mention that the girls are all 5 and 6 years old?  

So, I hope you will follow along with me as I work my magic to pull off this DIY Carnival party for 11 five year olds and their families.

Until next time!

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