Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A little about me ...

I L.O.V.E. my family, the beach, a good book, going out for breakfast, seeing ideas in my head come to life when I am working on something.  I love being able to take a design and run with it.  I'd like to think I was frugal, but Mr. j&c might say otherwise.  :o)

Here are some answers to your burning questions:

  • My favorite music is 80s, Jimmy Buffett, and Classic Rock, which sadly, is becoming 80s music = I feel old.
  • My favorite color is turquoise.
  • My favorite food is pizza.  or pasta.  or candy.
  • I'm addicted to ice.  and Kate Spade.  and shoes.
  • My dream house is a restored farm house on or at the beach.  Painted plank floors, white everything with pops of dreamy blues and turquoise.
  • Mr. j&c is in the Air Force.  Currently we are stranded stationed at McGuire AFB in New Jersey and live in a one-light town (literally), about 30 miles from base.  We met when we were 18 and it really was love at first sight for both of us.  He is my hero and my rock.  
  • My mom is my best friend and the strongest person I know.  She believes in me and supports me with everything that I do ... she is my #1 fan {and not just because she's my mom ... at least, I don't think...}
  • Joey is the girliest of girls and wears dresses every. day.  She inspires me to be a better person.  I want her to grow up strong and have no doubt that she is loved and special.  
  • Chase, aka Buddy, is the poster child of being all boy.  He likes to rock out and go fishing with his Daddy.  He loves trains and dinosaurs and makes us laugh when he hams it up.


This is just my little corner of the world.  I'm hoping that sharing some of my thoughts and creations with you will allow me the freedom to create and also, maybe, hopefully, inspire you to do the same.  Thanks for checking in!

Until next time!

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